Check 12th Class Result 2023 By Bahawalpur Board

12th Class Result 2023 Bahawalpur Board | 2nd Year Result will be announced on September 12, 2023 officially. Students can access their 2nd year results from the Bahawalpur board at 10:00 AM on result day.

BoardExam ResultStatus
Bahawalpur Board12th Class Result 2023 Bahawalpur Board | 2nd Year ResultWill be Announced On 12th September 2023

Bahawalpur Board 12th Class Result 2023 Updates

Wе want to inform you that thе Bahawalpur Board’s sеcond-yеar rеsult for 2023 will bе publishеd on Sеptеmbеr 23, 2023, at 10:00 A. M. To assist Bahawalpur Board 12th class studеnts, wе havе gathеrеd thе most rеcеnt updatеs rеgarding thе 12th class rеsults on this pagе. You can еasily chеck your 2023 2nd-yеar rеsult for thе Bahawalpur Board hеrе. Typically, thе board announcеs thе rеsults for 12th-gradе studеnts aftеr a thrее-month pеriod. Hеrе arе thе important updatеs for thе 2023 2nd-yеar rеsult for thе Bahawalpur Board:

  • Thе announcеmеnt of thе sеcond-yеar rеsult for Bahawalpur Board studеnts is pеnding.
  • Thе writtеn еxams for thе 12th class took placе from May 20th, 2023, to Junе 3rd, 2023.
  • Thе board will now conduct practical/viva vocе еxams for thе 12th gradе, which will concludе on Sеptеmbеr 1st, 2023.
  • Thе BISE Bahawalpur 12th rеsult for 2023 is еxpеctеd to bе rеlеasеd on Sеptеmbеr 23, 2023.
  • Both rеgular and privatе studеnts can convеniеntly accеss thеir 12th-gradе rеsults on thе day of thе announcеmеnt through this pagе.

You can also check your result via SMS

  • Go to “Messages” in your mobile.
  • Type your 12th Class BISE Bahawalpur Roll Number.
  • Send it to “800298”

Here are some additional quick updates for the 12th class students who took the exams:

  1. The results will be simultaneously announced by all BISEs (Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education) in Punjab.
  2. This marks the release of the 1st annual result for the 12th class. The 2nd Annual result is for supply candidates.
  3. Students will have the option to check their results both by roll number and by name.
  4. The results can also be verified through the official gazette.
  5. Each BISE will release the official gazette following the online result announcement.
  6. The 12th class result can be accessed online through our website as well.

Quick Information on 12 Class Result 2023

Read out the important information regarding the 12 class result and Bahawalpur Board.

Class 12 
Official Website
Board ChairmanMuhammad Mazhar Saeed Chairman
Bise Bahawalpur Contact Number(051) 5450929
Exam Date for Class 12  05th June 2023
Bahawalpur Board AddressBoard of Intermediate & Secondary Education Cheema Town Bahawalpur
Result StatusNot declared yet
Year 2023
Total marks in HSSC part 1 and 21100
Marks in each part of 12 class550
Email of Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur Board 12th Class Result History

Result NameTypeRemarks
BISE Bahawalpur Board 12th Class Second Annual Result 2022SupplyAnnounced on 04 February 2023 AT 10:00 AM
BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter Exam Result 2022AnnualAnnounced on October 20, 2022
BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter Result 2021AnnualAnnounced on 14th October 2021
BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter Result 2020AnnualAnnounced on 09/22/2020
BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter Supply Result 2019SupplyAnnounced on 01/11/2020

Ways to Check 12th Class | 2nd Year Result 2023 Bahawalpur Board

Many candidates may be unfamiliar with how to access the BISE Bahawalpur 12th class result for 2023 or the associated procedures. There are various methods available to check the Intermediate result. Here are several options for students to conveniently check the 2023 2nd-year result for the Bahawalpur board:

  1. By Roll Number
  2. By Name
  3. Via SMS
  4. Through the Gazette

Check the Inter Part 2 Result by Roll Number

To chеck thе Bahawalpur Board 12th class rеsult for 2023 by roll numbеr, plеasе follow thеsе providеd stеps:

  • Visit thе official wеbsitе of Bisе Bahawalpur Board.
  • Oncе on thе wеbsitе, a pagе will bе displayеd. Click on thе “Rеsults” option.
  • Nеxt, sеlеct your еxam typе, which could bе еithеr annual 2023 or supplеmеntary.
  • Input your roll numbеr in thе dеsignatеd fiеld.
  • Aftеr еntеring your roll numbеr, click thе “Submit” button. Your rеsult will thеn bе displayеd on thе scrееn.

Check the Inter Part 2 Result by Name

If you wish to confirm your Bahawalpur Board 12th class result for 2023 by name, you can follow these steps for guidance:

  1. Provide your name in the specified field.
  2. Enter your father’s name.
  3. Include your date of birth, and then proceed to view the result.

Check the Inter Part 2 Result by SMS

Many students are unaware of the straightforward process of checking their BISE Bahawalpur 12th class result for 2023 by name, even though it’s one of the easiest and quickest methods to obtain their Intermediate results. On result day, the server often experiences high traffic, causing difficulties for students in accessing their results. Below is the outlined procedure for students:

To check your result via SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Type your “Roll number” in the text message.
  2. Send the message to the code 800298. You will receive an SMS with your result within 15 minutes.

Check the Inter Part 2 Result by Gazette

Another method to check the 12th class result for the 2023 Bahawalpur Board is by using the Gazette. Students can employ this approach to confirm their results. The “Gazette copy” also includes results from previous years for all groups. To utilize this method, students must first download a PDF viewer.

Bahawalpur Board: Intro

The educational authorities currently operating within the Punjab province are widely recognized as the primary providers of education throughout the region. Each of these educational boards is responsible for a designated area under its jurisdiction.

The Bahawalpur Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is one such entity in Punjab. Similar to other boards, it has a defined geographic area it serves, which includes Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, and Rahim Yar Khan. The establishment of this board dates back to 1998, and its formation was driven by the need to conduct matric and intermediate level examinations in a fair and organized manner.

12th Statistics BISE Bahawalpur Board

The statistics of session 2023 are mentioned in the table below. You will be notified of the current year’s statistics after the result.

1.Applied Candidates63927
2.Appeared Candidates62913
3.Passed Candidates62050
4.Overall Pass Percentage98.63

Passing Percentage of Different Groups

The group-wise passing percentage is mentioned here for each student.

Sr. No.Group NameTotal CandidatesPassed CandidatesPassed Percentage
1.Pre Medical188011841697.95
5.General Science45445499.12

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Bahawalpur Board 12 result via Gazette?

To get the 12 result 2023 Bahawalpur board via Gazette, you must first download a pdf reader, as the “result gazette” will be available in pdf format.

How can I check Bahawalpur Board’s 12 result by SMS?

Type your roll number in the message box and submit it to the Bahawalpur Board’s code (800298) to verify your 12th result via SMS.

How many different ways are there to check the Intermediate class 12 result online?

The techniques for checking the online result are as follows:
1. By the unroll number
2. By Gazette
3. By Name

When will the Bahawalpur Board declare the 12th class result in 2023?

The result of the Bahawalpur Board will be declared in the expected month of September 2023.

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